Our Mission

Parents Advocating for Cannabis Education is built on the foundation that anything is possible when you have a strong community. This is why the first two years of this organization will be based around building a Canna-Parent Community in Missouri.

We will be able to make a bigger impact on society as a community than individually. We will work to provide events where like-minded individuals can meet. We will fight to destigmatize responsible cannabis usage and we will do it together.

Together we will teach other parents how to talk to their children about cannabis, how to talk to their parents about cannabis, and give them a safe place to be exactly who they are.

While P.A.C.E is a community-based program, we will be working to provide parents with resources, as well as teach them how to handle situations, such as accidental consumption, what to do if their teenagers are consuming and how to talk to them about it. 

Educating Parents and Children

While it is just beginning to be legalized, cannabis has been around for centuries. Due to politics, cannabis became illegal and was classified as a controlled substance. This has hindered not only the cannabis community from being able to consume recreationally and medicinally, but it also halted what could have been years of research. Instead of being taught about the Endocannabinoid System, we were given misinformation and propaganda that we will now spend years undoing the damage.

While creating Parents Advocating for Cannabis Education, we came to the realization that while we possessed the ambition, the drive, and the passion to create P.A.C.E, this didn’t mean we were capable of forming an entire cannabis curriculum for parents and kids alike alone. Instead, we decided that the best way to proceed would be to build the community first. We can, as a community, pool our experiences and knowledge together to create a curriculum unlike any other.

Our responsibility is to build the world we want our children to be adults in. Our educational resources will include:

  1. 1. Parent Education
  2. 2. Patient Education
  3. 3. Community Education
  4. 4. Communication Resources
  5. 5. General Cannabis Education

Normalization and Destigmatization

Parents Advocating for Cannabis Education was born when we realized that there were so many individuals who were closeted smokers. Many parents consume cannabis behind closed doors out of fear of what would happen if people found out.

As a society, it is our responsibility to not only change the stigma that surrounds cannabis usage but ensure that we are providing a community for those who are still too afraid to talk about their cannabis usage.

Parents Advocating for Cannabis Education will be hosting several events in the first year and even more in year two as we gain traction and funding. This will provide opportunities for Canna-Parents, or even parents who are curious about cannabis, to come meet their local dispensaries, get their med cards, ask questions, and meet people just like them. We will provide education resources and emergency numbers. Together we will change the face of cannabis and parenting.